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1561Unofficial. Talk about Gentoo stuff. Lightly moderated, i.e. try to keep topics Gentoo related and listen to the mods. Don't talk about politics, stuff like that never stays civil. (There are other rooms for that.) Checkout and Also we love cats :3
1065Qt6 migration in progress, please take care. 0.11.3 is out now! Discussion about nheko, the desktop client for Matrix : Latest nightlies:! Documentation: Offtopic in
Gentoo Hardening
60If you care too much about security and Gentoo, this is your place to talk about it. Bring your hard hats, it sometimes gets heated (please behave). (Unofficial)
!urandom, version 9️⃣
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51German is a great language. For example, in german the word "umfahren" is the exact opposite of the word "umfahren" "jemanden umfahren" means "to run someone over" while "jemanden umfahren" means "to drive around someone Thus the sentence "Sie sollen den polizisten umfahren nicht umfahren" means, depending on pronounciation "You are supposed to run over the police, not drive around them!" or "You are suppoed to drive around the police, not run them over"
Nheko Nightlies
43Nightlies uploaded from Nhekos CI builds