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5 Mar 2021
@AppAraat:matrix.orgAppAraatI couldn't find any lmdb dir there.15:33:30
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|devNo idea, why it fails then ._.15:33:57

It's this one:

├── data
│   └── nheko
│       └── nheko
│           └── 4041707041726161743a6d61747269782e6f7267
│               ├── data.mdb
│               └── lock.mdb
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|devYou may need to move that back to cache, if you downgrade15:34:40
In reply to @deepbluev7:neko.dev
No idea, why it fails then ._.
It's ok. At least we tried :)
@AppAraat:matrix.orgAppAraatSo, how do I get the beta version? :p15:36:44
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|devWhat beta version?15:36:52
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|devI would just declare the current version beta :D15:37:04
@AppAraat:matrix.orgAppAraatIn that case, when is the next stable Flatpak version landing? :p15:40:29
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|devWell, after I fixed all the bugs people reported for the beta and that look critical15:40:54
@AppAraat:matrix.orgAppAraatthat sounds reasonable15:47:18
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|dev invited @test:neko.devI am test.16:34:52
@test:neko.devI am test joined the room.16:35:28
@test:neko.devI am testTest16:36:00
@test:neko.devI am testHm, seems to work fine16:36:18
@tobiasfella:kde.orgTobias Fellai'm currently playing around with creating an abstraction over different screensharing backends, but i can't get qml to find the org.freedesktop.gstreamer.GLVideoItem module for the qml sink... i definitely have it installed, since it works with nheko - does nheko do any magic to get that working or am i just stupid?16:58:35
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|devWe don't do any magic :D16:59:40
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|devWhat Nheko do you have installed?17:00:03
@tobiasfella:kde.orgTobias Fella0.8.1 from fedora packages17:00:33
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|devThen you should have it on your system and we don't do anything special17:00:57
* @tobiasfella:kde.orgTobias Fella goes back to wondering wtf he is doing wrong17:03:10
@tobiasfella:kde.orgTobias Fellathanks for the help :)17:03:13
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|devDid you mess with you qml paths?17:03:26
@tobiasfella:kde.orgTobias Fellai don't think so17:03:36
In reply to @random_guy524:kde.org
.exe file link for nightly? Can you share
Nightlies work again for windows
In reply to @deepbluev7:neko.dev
Nightlies work again for windows
I still cant see it
Download Screenshot_20210305_181018.png

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