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23 Sep 2021
@jaron:v8or.nlThulinma Ehh... (Arch) Linux, and I was running the deduplicate-watchers branch, commit ID cbee7fe111cac04eff44776a66181bc32a747aef 22:29:54
@jaron:v8or.nlThulinma(though I doubt any of that matters, heh)22:30:08
@jaron:v8or.nlThulinmaBackend was/is indeed sqlite.22:30:50
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|devFiled :322:34:37
@jaron:v8or.nlThulinmaSorry for being annoying about not wanting to file it myself 😅22:36:43
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|devSo lazy22:36:54
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|dev!gitlab issue help22:37:04
In reply to @deepbluev7:neko.dev
!gitlab issue help

Usage: !gitlab issue <subcommand> [...]

  • close [server URL or alias] [repository] <issue ID> - Close an issue.
  • comment [server URL or alias] [repository] <issue ID> <comment body> - Write a commant on an issue.
  • comments [server URL or alias] [repository] <issue ID> [page] [entries per page] - Write a commant on an issue.
  • create [server URL or alias] [repository] <issue title> [issue body] - Create an Issue. The issue body can be placed on a new line.
  • read [server URL or alias] [repository] <issue ID> - Read an issue.
  • reopen [server URL or alias] [repository] <issue ID> - Reopen an issue.
@jaron:v8or.nlThulinma Write a commant on an issue err... 22:38:44
@jaron:v8or.nlThulinmaA commant is a common ant, I'll have to assume.22:39:16
@jaron:v8or.nlThulinmaBut cool bot :D22:39:52
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|devIt also does the ci status stuff22:40:10
@jaron:v8or.nlThulinmaVery fancy.22:40:27
@patryk:cisek.caPatrykHow can I change the language in Nheko?22:47:55
In reply to @patryk:cisek.ca
How can I change the language in Nheko?
It uses the system language. Usually that means you can set e.g. the LANG or LANGUAGE environment variable.
@patryk:cisek.caPatrykYeah, tried that. Doesn't seem to be working.22:53:35
@patryk:cisek.caPatrykOk, I think I made a typo in my LANG env variable. :)22:53:36
@patryk:cisek.caPatrykWorks now22:53:38
@gitlab:nheko.imGitlab [nheko-reborn/nheko] deepbluev7 pushed 1 commit to pr-732/Prezu/nheko/polish_translation_1 (new branch):
  • 726defb1 Added a lot of Polish translations. There's still work to be done here, … by Patryk Cisek
@gitlab:nheko.imGitlab [nheko-reborn/nheko] Job 9784: build-flatpak-amd64 failed after 8 minutes and 42.3 seconds (build triggered by deepbluev7) 23:05:18
@gitlab:nheko.imGitlab [nheko-reborn/nheko] deepbluev7 pushed 2 commits to master:
  • 726defb1 Added a lot of Polish translations. There's still work to be done here, … by Patryk Cisek
  • 7f5b604e Merge pull request #732 from Prezu/polish_translation_1 […] by DeepBlueV7.X
@gitlab:nheko.imGitlab [nheko-reborn/nheko] deepbluev7 deleted branch pr-732/Prezu/nheko/polish_translation_1 23:05:45
@gitlab:nheko.imGitlab [nheko-reborn/nheko] Job 9790: build-flatpak-amd64 failed after 9 minutes and 41.9 seconds (build triggered by deepbluev7) 23:15:35
* @jaron:v8or.nlThulinma makes the mandatory "Does this PR need a bit more Polish?" joke.23:16:34
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|devNo, I think the arm runner is out of disk space again or so :323:17:06
@jaron:v8or.nlThulinmaYeah but Polish translation. Come ooooon.23:17:23
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|devYeah, not commenting on bad puns ;p23:17:37

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