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16 May 2022
In reply to @srr24x7:envs.net
I'll probably keep using Element next to Nheko, the web version in my actual browser that is. But I want to get rid of this "client".
yes, you don't need it πŸ‘
@symphorien:xlumurb.eusymphorienexcept to search in encrypted rooms06:49:03
In reply to @symphorien:xlumurb.eu
except to search in encrypted rooms
sorry for the inconvenience, this will be fixed some day πŸ‘
In reply to @aktaboot:tchncs.de
sorry for the inconvenience, this will be fixed some day πŸ‘
Oh? Cool!
@aktaboot:tchncs.deaktaboot:D am i good at marketing ? :(06:56:06
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|devI thought you volunteered to implement that?06:56:22
@aktaboot:tchncs.deaktabootI can try :( but it will take time06:58:02
@aktaboot:tchncs.deaktabootonce I have finished setting up my Nixos system πŸ‘06:58:46
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|devOh, so never06:59:21
@ruziknf:ruzik.xyzRuzikNF changed their profile picture.06:59:49
@pixificial:matrix.orgPixificial πŸ”¨Oops, I seem to have initiated a short hate campaign 🀭07:01:52
In reply to @deepbluev7:neko.dev
Oh, so never
It is nearly complete πŸ‘
In reply to @aktaboot:tchncs.de
It is nearly complete πŸ‘
That's what they always say
@srr24x7:envs.netsrr24x7"It's done when it's done"08:21:46
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|devAn install is never finished. It is a living thing08:27:30
@yowhatwack:matrix.orgjessi agree08:46:52
@yowhatwack:matrix.orgjessits like planting seeds08:46:57
@aktaboot:tchncs.deaktaboottrue true :(08:50:39
@aktaboot:tchncs.deaktaboot* true true :(08:50:45
@pixificial:matrix.orgPixificial πŸ”¨Heyo, question. What is this blue vertical bar next to chats? All of the chats with unseen new messages have it, and some of the seen chats have it.12:16:18
@pixificial:matrix.orgPixificial πŸ”¨clipboard.png
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|devIt means there are unseen changes in it12:16:42
@pixificial:matrix.orgPixificial πŸ”¨but I click them and scroll all the way down12:17:00
@pixificial:matrix.orgPixificial πŸ”¨It does not go away12:17:23
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|devThen there was probably a network issue or a redacted message at the bottom12:17:36
@pixificial:matrix.orgPixificial πŸ”¨

or a redacted message at the bottom

yes there is, or an event that is not a message such as ending a call. Thanks for the clarification.

@pixificial:matrix.orgPixificial πŸ”¨How do I get rid of it?12:18:50
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|devUsually by sending another message12:26:37

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