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19 Jun 2021
@syphar:beeper.comDenis joined the room.12:27:44
@carl:kde.orgCarl Schwan
In reply to @lordmzte:matrix.org
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|devBe careful, one wrong move and you delete all the DMs a person has :D13:51:37
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|devFluffyChat did that once to me and I decided to not touch that event in the near future :313:51:59
@blue_penquin:fairydust.spaceblue_penquinEditing that in devtools was how I fixed all the IRC bridge bot rooms because half of them are made as rooms and half are DMs and I wasn't able to find anything.13:57:36
@blue_penquin:fairydust.spaceblue_penquinThis was before the /convertto existed...13:57:56
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|devI just gave up :D14:00:41
In reply to @blue_penquin:fairydust.space
This was before the /convertto existed...
I learned about that today
@bubu:bubu1.euBubuafter element android managed to do the wrong thing in the latest version again :D14:01:35
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico|devWe really need to get rid of that single event to control everything14:01:56
@balsoft:balsoft.rubalsoftHey, annoying guy (me) is back! Could you review my PR? I pushed a fixup commit there.14:55:21
@jack_hq1:matrix.orgJohndoes nheko auto update?15:29:50
In reply to @jack_hq1:matrix.org
does nheko auto update?
no, it relies on the distribution channel for notifying you about updates and installing those
@random_guy524:kde.orgrandom_guy524You can download the updates from github15:30:54
Component {
        id: roomDirDelegate

        Rectangle {
            id: roomDirBase

            property color background: Nheko.colors.window
            property color importantText: Nheko.colors.text
            property color unimportantText: Nheko.colors.buttonText
            property color bubbleBackground: Nheko.colors.highlight
            property color bubbleText: Nheko.colors.highlightedText
            anchors.fill: parent
            color: background

            Column {
                width: parent.width
                height: roomDirView.view.height
                Text {
                    text: model.name + '(' + model.roomid + ')' + ': ' + model.numMembers
                Text {
                    text: model.topic
@manu_kamath:matrix.orgmanuwhen I do something like this and open the room dir, I seems like the rectangles are drawing on top of each other (cos everything looks garbled)16:09:14
@manu_kamath:matrix.orgmanuand I believe you cannot set properties and backgrounds within the component itself, right? which is why I'm trying to overlay a rectangle that makes the room dir application window prettier16:10:21
@manu_kamath:matrix.orgmanu also, I get errors saying Nheko is not defined for the Nheko.colors.window etc, why? (i thought including nheko.im and the version would solve it) 16:11:25
In reply to @random_guy524:kde.org
You can download the updates from github
alright thanks will download updates once in awhile i guess
@balsoft:balsoft.rubalsoftHm, I can't "drag" the sidebar from "icons-only" to also show message test, is this expected?17:27:46
@red_sky:nheko.imred_sky|dev (nheko.im)Are you using the new qml room list stuff that just merged about a week ago?17:32:05
@red_sky:nheko.imred_sky|dev (nheko.im)If so, the hover cursor handler breaks when the room list is collapsed, but the resizing bar still works17:32:29
@red_sky:nheko.imred_sky|dev (nheko.im)So you can still grab/drag it... Just without good user feedback that it's possible17:32:46
@balsoft:balsoft.rubalsoftNo, can't seem to drag it at all :(17:36:11
@red_sky:nheko.imred_sky|dev (nheko.im)D=18:00:08
@red_sky:nheko.imred_sky|dev (nheko.im)I would debug it to see if I could help, but I don't currently have a new nheko available =d18:30:01
@red_sky:nheko.imred_sky|dev (nheko.im)because I'm trying to compile nheko for iOS at the moment (don't get excited... this is a huge PITA)18:30:19

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