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14 Aug 2022
@vbauer:stargazer.atToeiReidid you replace the container?11:25:00
@mistrkorner:matrix.orgkorneryeah i tried flatpak again and found out it breaks the same now11:25:11
@vbauer:stargazer.atToeiReianything in dmesg?11:25:26
@mistrkorner:matrix.orgkorner CSteamControlle[5809]: segfault at 0 ip 0000000000000000 sp 00000000d95fdabc error 14 in steam[56618000+5df000] Code: Unable to access opcode bytes at RIP 0xffffffffffffffd6. 11:25:50
@mistrkorner:matrix.orgkornernothing burger really11:26:01
@mistrkorner:matrix.orgkornerdoesn't tell me what is wrong11:26:05
@vbauer:stargazer.atToeiReilooks like a permission thing11:26:06
@mistrkorner:matrix.orgkornerit won't tell me what is it trying to access sadly11:26:19
@vbauer:stargazer.atToeiReiiommu in the kernel active?11:26:58
@vbauer:stargazer.atToeiReiwhat CPU is it? AMD?11:27:19
@mistrkorner:matrix.orgkorneriomnu is for VMs though, i got gentoo bin kernel so beats me 11:27:22
@mistrkorner:matrix.orgkornerintel lolz11:27:31
@vbauer:stargazer.atToeiReigentoo bin kernel... does it have a /proc/config?11:28:06
@vbauer:stargazer.atToeiReior config.gz11:28:17
@mistrkorner:matrix.orgkornerit does11:28:21
@vbauer:stargazer.atToeiReithere's your kernel config11:28:34
@vbauer:stargazer.atToeiReimind checking for 2 parameters?11:28:41
@vbauer:stargazer.atToeiReiCONFIG_ZONE_DEVICE and CONFIG_HMM_MIRROR11:28:54
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico Nico Nii zgrep CONFIG_ZONE_DEVICE /proc/config.gz 11:29:12
@mistrkorner:matrix.orgkornerboth of those are set as yes11:29:13
@vbauer:stargazer.atToeiReiok, that's good.11:29:22
@vbauer:stargazer.atToeiReikernel version?11:29:25
@mistrkorner:matrix.orgkornerhow does this relate to crashing steam anyways? 11:29:49
@vbauer:stargazer.atToeiReiglad it's not a 5.10 - as it was a known bug there11:29:50
@vbauer:stargazer.atToeiRei Code: Unable to access opcode bytes at RIP 0xffffffffffffffd6. 11:30:13
@vbauer:stargazer.atToeiReithat's why 11:30:19
@deepbluev7:neko.devNico Nico NiiYou are not opted into the steam beta, right?11:30:39
@mistrkorner:matrix.orgkorneris there a translator to read what 0xffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff and so on means?11:30:49

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