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6 Dec 2022
@meow92:matrix.orglinuxtavern.orgReduces the bloat on the server.18:29:56
@meow92:matrix.orglinuxtavern.orgBut currently I am trying to provision my server with gentoo. O.O18:33:29
@meow92:matrix.orglinuxtavern.orgSo glad they included tmux and screen in live iso.18:49:02
@lyoko-gentoo:matrix.orglyoko-gentooare you using live iso daily?18:54:41
@lyoko-gentoo:matrix.orglyoko-gentooi thought you mean livegui iso18:55:38
@lyoko-gentoo:matrix.orglyoko-gentooi know right18:55:44
@lyoko-gentoo:matrix.orglyoko-gentooscreen in gentoo iso18:55:51
@lyoko-gentoo:matrix.orglyoko-gentooand tmux even? woah18:56:00
@lyoko-gentoo:matrix.orglyoko-gentooi prefer tmux than screen cus i know tmux much better18:56:13
@meow92:matrix.orglinuxtavern.orgThere is not muchh difgference. I just prefer tmux cause of that green bar at the botom. Clearly stating I am in tmux.19:06:08
@meow92:matrix.orglinuxtavern.orgScreen you cant telll an I in screen or just normal env.19:06:27
@meow92:matrix.orglinuxtavern.orgIt is not that needed for normal install but ssh install tmux is god.19:07:08
@meow92:matrix.orglinuxtavern.orgDon't you think that kernels in boot should and can be named whatever. But it would be convenient is the newest or used kernel had symbolic link in boot simply named vmlinuz.19:16:15
@meow92:matrix.orglinuxtavern.orgKinda makes sense for boot loaders.19:16:29
@jbara:matrix.orgjbarait's a but late so I assume I won't be getting an answer in time 23:10:28
@jbara:matrix.orgjbara I also tried googling this and using " to get specified answers but 23:11:02
@jbara:matrix.orgjbaranothing useful 23:11:08
@jbara:matrix.orgjbara I want something similar to this string but for an .odb database (made with libreoffice base instead of microsoft access) 23:12:08
@jbara:matrix.orgjbaraI need that string to connect to a database in C# .NET (which I will be taking a test on tomorrow in class .. a test on paper + a working example on my computer) 23:13:15
@jbara:matrix.orgjbaraand well , everyone is using microsoft access .. except me .. the linux guy 23:13:46
@jbara:matrix.orgjbarait's just the provider part I need .. and I haven't found a way to get it 23:18:09
@cat:maunium.netCat Disruptor 6000photo-1494256997604-768d1f608cac.jpg
@jbara:matrix.orgjbaraeeehh , not time for cats (even though that's a cute pic)23:18:29
@jbara:matrix.orgjbara * it's a bit late so I assume I won't be getting an answer in time 23:21:28

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