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21 Mar 2022
@eijrj390jr:envs.netle glowie de morta
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
int main() {
double* hextorgba(char *hexstr)
  int hexstrlen=strlen(hexstr)/2;
  if (hexstrlen > 4)
    printf("Invalid colour");

  static double rgba[4];
  rgba[3] = 255;

  int i;
  for (i=0;i<hexstrlen;i++)
    char tmpstr[2];
    rgba[i] = strtol(tmpstr, 0, 16);
  printf("RGBA(%d, %d, %d, %d)\n", (int)rgba[0], (int)rgba[1], (int)rgba[2], (int)rgba[3]);
  return rgba;
@eijrj390jr:envs.netle glowie de mortait does not seem to compile 11:38:53
@eijrj390jr:envs.netle glowie de morta * it does not seem to compile and i have no idea how to fix it lol11:39:02
@eijrj390jr:envs.netle glowie de morta * it does not seem to compile and i have no idea how to fix it lol11:39:09
@tastytea:pixie.towntastyteaYou can't put a function into a function like this, AFAIK.11:40:12
@eijrj390jr:envs.netle glowie de mortakek11:40:25
@tastytea:pixie.towntastyteaTry making main() and hextorgba() 2 separate functions.11:40:43
@eijrj390jr:envs.netle glowie de mortastill the same error rip11:41:41
@n_r_k:matrix.orgNRKtastytea: i think GNUC allows it11:41:51
@tastytea:pixie.towntastyteaGNU C is awful and this is cursed. 😊11:42:19
@eijrj390jr:envs.netle glowie de mortayep11:42:26
Download image.png
@eijrj390jr:envs.netle glowie de mortalol11:42:42
@eijrj390jr:envs.netle glowie de mortavery cursed11:42:50
@n_r_k:matrix.orgNRKtastytea: gnuc has some nice features11:43:04
@n_r_k:matrix.orgNRKmost of it is cursed tho, i agree11:43:20
@tastytea:pixie.towntastyteaIt's nice as long as you use a GNU compiler…11:44:26
@eijrj390jr:envs.netle glowie de mortadoes -c99 disable the gnu stuff11:44:58
@eijrj390jr:envs.netle glowie de morta what does disable the GNU 11:45:40
@eijrj390jr:envs.netle glowie de morta * what does disable the GNU 11:45:49
@n_r_k:matrix.orgNRKi don't think you can make gcc strictly standard conformant11:45:58
@n_r_k:matrix.orgNRK best you can do is gcc -std=c99 -Wpedantic 11:46:13
@eijrj390jr:envs.netle glowie de mortainteresting11:46:23
@n_r_k:matrix.orgNRKyou can also try compiling with tcc, it can catch some non-standard/implementation-defined stuff.11:47:12
           […] For example, -std=c90 turns off
           certain features of GCC that are incompatible with ISO C90, such as the "asm" and
           "typeof" keywords, but not other GNU extensions that do not have a meaning in ISO
           C90, such as omitting the middle term of a "?:" expression.
@eijrj390jr:envs.netle glowie de mortai think my code broke the compiler it looks fine but it won't compile 11:48:11
@eijrj390jr:envs.netle glowie de mortayay i broke gcc11:48:18
@tastytea:pixie.towntastytea eijrj390jr: You're missing some }. 11:49:22
@tastytea:pixie.towntastyteaclang-dormat should make it obvious.11:49:36

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