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21 Jan 2022
@deepbluev7:neko.devNicoOr you could just use multilib and save storage space21:43:41
@deepbluev7:neko.devNicoWhy can't gentoo users just be normal? D:21:44:33
@mistrkorner:matrix.orgkornerim korner and i have to do it the korner way!21:44:54
@mistrkorner:matrix.orgkorneri also have way too much time so i wanna make use of that21:49:06
In reply to @deepbluev7:neko.dev
Why can't gentoo users just be normal? D:
@guntherdw:wrongplace.beguntherdwBut uhh "proot"?22:06:43
@guntherdw:wrongplace.beguntherdwHmm, userspace implementation of a chroot... That sounds awfully fragile22:07:09
@guntherdw:wrongplace.beguntherdwAlso, kinda childish fun fact, remove 1 o from that and it's childish slang for "fart" in Dutch22:09:16
@matrixender:matrix.orgEndermen1094why is blueman more stable on gentoo then bluedevel on Debian 22:10:16
@shifeng:matrix.orgShi Fengno multilib musl23:26:52
22 Jan 2022
@bit817:matrix.orgbit817 joined the room.00:25:16
@shifeng:matrix.orgShi Fengwho is the blue man00:36:07
@sephyroth234:kde.org💠【ΛN♢NYM♢US】💠 changed their profile picture.01:39:13
In reply to @matrixender:matrix.org
why is blueman more stable on gentoo then bluedevel on Debian
Everything is stable on Debian, exactly the same way oil/petrol is a very stable chemical.
@weissfoeder:matrix.orgWeiss-FöderAnd Mr. Trump is a very stable genius.03:16:34
@prodark33:matrix.orgprodark33 joined the room.05:58:04
@mistrkorner:matrix.orgkornerhas anyone tested the libpulse package? how buggy is it? got lot of things building rn06:08:39
@khorneflaeks:incognitum.xyzKhorneflaeks left the room.06:30:11
@mistrkorner:matrix.orgkorneri got it working well but lil surprised its masked as experimental06:33:16
@kielo:the-apothecary.clubKielo I think that I'll swap to rust-bin.. 08:20:46
@n_r_k:matrix.orgNRKanother one bites the rust08:23:24
@black-sheep-dev:matrix.orgBlack Sheep changed their profile picture.08:35:34
@leg7:matrix.orgleg7rust update + firefox10:12:37
@leg7:matrix.orgleg7quade core cpu in shambles10:13:13
@leg7:matrix.orgleg7* rust update + firefox10:13:22

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