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1 Dec 2021
@-noname-:fairydust.space- No Name -I'll paste the output18:06:24
@-noname-:fairydust.space- No Name -Oh wow it's actually working again18:07:02
In reply to @-noname-:fairydust.space
Also, the gentoo icon is completely gone from their website.
It is not...
@-noname-:fairydust.space- No Name -It must have been just glitchy on my phone, the page kept flickering up and down18:20:21
@-noname-:fairydust.space- No Name -I don't currently have a browser on my desktop, so things are hard to see.18:20:41
@-noname-:fairydust.space- No Name -Yes I get that "Looking for matches… error: No remote refs found similar to ‘flathub.io,freetubeapp.FreeTube’"18:22:21
@-noname-:fairydust.space- No Name - flatpak install flathub.io,freetubeapp.FreeTube 18:22:35
@projectmoon:agnos.isprojectmoonDid you add flat hub as a repository?18:23:26
@-noname-:fairydust.space- No Name -No, but I seem to be getting the rest of my flatpaks from there.18:24:24
@-noname-:fairydust.space- No Name - Same with ONLYOFFICE: flatpak install flathub.org.onlyoffice.desktopeditors
"Looking for matches…
error: No remote refs found similar to ‘flathub.org.onlyoffice.desktopeditors’"
@deepbluev7:neko.devNicoBoth of your commands are horribly wrong18:28:47
@-noname-:fairydust.space- No Name -Oh okay, I can see now, thanks.18:32:31
@rawbotnik:matrix.orgRobotnik joined the room.20:08:46
@rrogalski:matrix.orgrrogalskianyone know why a wif interface wouldn't be appearing even when I compiled in the drivers in the kernel?20:14:21
@rrogalski:matrix.orgrrogalskiI know it's iwlwifi cause that's the driver that showed up for wifi when runninig lspci in a manjaro live environment20:15:01
@rrogalski:matrix.orgrrogalskiI compiled it in. Nothing. Switched to gentoo-kernel-bin, and now my trackpad and audio work, but ifconfig still only shows ethernet and loopback20:15:45
In reply to @rrogalski:matrix.org
anyone know why a wif interface wouldn't be appearing even when I compiled in the drivers in the kernel?
Probably firmware fails to load, check your dmesg
@rrogalski:matrix.orgrrogalskihmm alright thanks I'll read through that20:17:42
@deepbluev7:neko.devNicoYou can probably grep -i firm on it20:17:59
@deepbluev7:neko.devNicoBuiltin modules can only load builtin firmware and you of course need to install the firmware too20:18:26
@parallel.:kde.org0day rrogalski: maybe it is "M" (module) in kernel and not built-in? you can try to call the module with "modprobe module-name" 20:19:14
@parallel.:kde.org0dayit can maybe solve that but idk still20:19:23
@deepbluev7:neko.devNicoudev should autoload all modules, if it can20:19:42
@rrogalski:matrix.orgrrogalskismart man, iwlwifi's ucode failed to load witht error -220:21:39
@rrogalski:matrix.orgrrogalskiwith the kernel I tried building I had it built in, and with gentoo-kernel-bin it should be a module afaik20:22:13
@deepbluev7:neko.devNicoIt's not like I had the same issue multiple times before... q.q20:22:16
@rrogalski:matrix.orgrrogalskiWatching one of lundekes old linux sucks (~2010?) a while back, he said "who still has wifi problems with linux" and I don't know how nobody raised their hand20:23:55
@deepbluev7:neko.devNicoTo be fair, in this case you just didn't read the docs ;p20:24:50
@deepbluev7:neko.devNicoBut yeah, wifi still sucks, but at least about as much as on any other platform20:25:07
@deepbluev7:neko.devNicoTry installing the linux-firmware package and boot the gentoo-kernel-bin20:25:26

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