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7 Feb 2023
@projectmoon:agnos.isprojectmoonwell does it currently still fial to build?12:01:27
@projectmoon:agnos.isprojectmoonyes i synced more than 2 hours ago12:01:30
@parona:matrix.orgparonait shouldnt12:01:42
@parona:matrix.orgparonalike according to git blame the patch name was has been correct all this time12:01:58
@projectmoon:agnos.isprojectmoonwell, it still fails12:02:25
@projectmoon:agnos.isprojectmoonbut now for a different reason12:02:29
@projectmoon:agnos.isprojectmoonno, lies. same reason.12:02:36
@parona:matrix.orgparonahttps://github.com/gentoo/gentoo/blame/a27d0895d305fb444bba3242bdbd0e6708146877/net-fs/samba/samba-4.15.12-r4.ebuild#L147 12:02:50
@parona:matrix.orgparonalike that bit has been unchanged for year through the revision bumos12:03:05
@parona:matrix.orgparona * like that bit has been unchanged for year through the revision bumps12:03:08
@parona:matrix.orgparona * like that bit has been unchanged for a year through the revision bumps12:03:13
@parona:matrix.orgparonaso a sanity check would be to see if the ebuild you have locally actually matched what is here12:03:37
@parona:matrix.orgparonaand possibly are you getting that from some other overlay?12:03:51
@projectmoon:agnos.isprojectmoonall overlays should be masked on my system by default, but i'll check12:06:31
@projectmoon:agnos.isprojectmoonmy computer also just froze again... time to create a massive swapfile12:06:38
@projectmoon:agnos.isprojectmoonit seems webkit-gtk is shitting itself12:07:10
@projectmoon:agnos.isprojectmoonhasn't in the past12:07:12
@parona:matrix.orgparonaif your solution is to add more swap then no wonder its freezing12:07:20
@projectmoon:agnos.isprojectmoonthere's also some really old HDDs in here, but no building should be happening with that12:07:27
@projectmoon:agnos.isprojectmooni have 16 gb of ram.12:07:37
@projectmoon:agnos.isprojectmoonand webkit gtk builds on hdd, not tmpfs12:07:46
@parona:matrix.orgparonalower your makeopts to something your ram can manage rather than thrashing your swap12:08:26
@projectmoon:agnos.isprojectmoonwell, they should be already at something that the system can handle12:08:45
@projectmoon:agnos.isprojectmoonbut apparently they are not12:08:49
@parona:matrix.orgparonalike I compile the webkits with -j8 on my ram challenged system12:10:07
@guntherdw:wrongplace.beguntherdwMassive projects like webkit are among those take take several GB's per linker thread, so yeah12:10:07
@guntherdw:wrongplace.beguntherdwCompared to stuff like samba it's very much a project that you lower your threads on if you don't have the RAM for it12:10:36
@huayra1:matrix.orghuayra1would anyone be surprised if i said that the freebsd porta package manager is in my top3 favorite package managers?12:10:41

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