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24 Feb 2022
In reply to @jroy:matrix.jroy.ca
ok, so, I moved to hardened/selinux profile and rebuilt @world and kernel. if I reboot now, will I get locked out from SSH without configuring selinux or should it keep working ?

Depends if it's been configured to allow your user SSH access (including network access).

SELinux works like Android permissions (they're based on SELinux).

@inferenceus:matrix.orginferenceNo way to know without checking the policy.03:34:32
@inferenceus:matrix.orginferenceAnd warning...03:34:45
@jroy:matrix.jroy.caJulienI didn't configure anything, I only did https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Hardened_Gentoo#Switching_to_a_Hardened_profile03:35:20
@inferenceus:matrix.orginference SELinux is difficult to configure to allow access. 03:34:58
@inferenceus:matrix.orginferenceThat's why I haven't done it yet.03:35:05
@jroy:matrix.jroy.caJulienI know, but I want to learn03:35:33
@jroy:matrix.jroy.caJulienI'm in no hurry03:35:38
@inferenceus:matrix.orginferenceDid you back up your system?03:35:19
@inferenceus:matrix.orginferenceIn case you need to fall back?03:35:23
@jroy:matrix.jroy.caJulienI have a fallback kernel/boot entry, but all my binaries were rebuilt with new flags.03:36:18
@inferenceus:matrix.orginferenceI think they essential binaries should be allowed, especially as root.03:35:59
@jroy:matrix.jroy.caJulienI do have a full system backup, too03:36:25
@inferenceus:matrix.orginferenceUsing SSH with root isn't ideal, but may work.03:36:08
@jroy:matrix.jroy.caJulieni have that disabled03:36:40
@inferenceus:matrix.orginference * I think the essential binaries should be allowed, especially as root.03:36:17
@jroy:matrix.jroy.caJulienI think I will add permissive to my boot command03:36:51
In reply to @jroy:matrix.jroy.ca
i have that disabled
Root disabled?
@inferenceus:matrix.orginferenceWhy don't you set it to permissive, back up in that state, then set to enforce and see what breaks?03:36:55
@inferenceus:matrix.orginferenceYou can restore to permissive.03:37:08
@jroy:matrix.jroy.caJulienAs long as I don't get locked out :D03:38:03
@jroy:matrix.jroy.caJulienYes, I will try that. Permissive, reboot, cross fingers03:38:20
@jroy:matrix.jroy.caJulienactually, there is much more I have to do03:41:52
@jroy:matrix.jroy.caJulienI shouldn't have followed the other page info.03:42:02
@jroy:matrix.jroy.caJuliendidn't do it in the right order. nothing broke though03:42:14
@inferenceus:matrix.orginferenceTrying to get a concept noted here.03:42:26
@inferenceus:matrix.orginferenceHow large does dm-verity need to be?03:42:34
@inferenceus:matrix.orginferenceAnd how to partition?03:42:43

I'm thinking:

/boot < RO
/ < RO
/home (or /user) < RW
/system (or /packages) <RW


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